Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to...Blog

                Whenever I hear the word “blog” my mind automatically paints me a picture of an extremely obese individual with superhuman strength (otherwise known as the “BLOB” for all the X-Men fans out there). But what is a “Blog?!”
                 Well I assume that by now you have figured out that you are reading a blog, and it has nothing to do with X-Men, but it can be. In fact, blogs can be about whatever you want. There are millions if not billions of blogs in the world with everyone ranting and raving about their opinions. You have blogs that talk about what is the best steak sauce to how to build a nuclear warhead.

                In reality the word blog is really a conglomerate of the two words, WEB LOG (hah!). The concept is fairly simple; write about something, post it online, and allow people to view and (if you want) comment on what it is you wrote.  For an excellent article on the basics of blogging, please click here.

They’re a variety of sites (most free) that you allow to achieve this amazingly simple feat! Some examples are:

All are pretty simple to setup and easy to maintain. The tool I am currently using to host my blog is “Blogger” which is owned by Google, and free. There is no particular reason (although I am a Google fan) why I chose to use this as opposed to another site.
                When it comes to education, there are many different ways a blog can be utilized to achieve a number of goals you probably have setup for yourself in your course already.
For example, in my Talmud class, I will post a question with some background information and ask the students to 1) formulate a short answer and 2) comment on at least one other students answer. I prefer to use private educational blogs, like Edmodo or an Edublog and make sure to hide all comments to the student unless he has answered the question. That way I don’t have to worry about a student coming to the same conclusion as another student (which happens) and allow them to still use that same answer.
Here are some examples of blogs that give you more control over what is posted  and are geared towards the educator:

For ideas on how to best incorporate blogging into your classroom, start with your PLN (Blog on PLN’s coming soon!) or ask below in the comments section.
Thank you for reading my blog!    


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, Rabbi Mike! And what a fantastic first post! I love that you are sharing ideas about ways of blogging with students and opening up the conversation. While I have blogged professionally and blogged for parents in our school, I have not yet blogged with students, although I very much want to introduce students to blogging as a means of sharing their thoughts and collaborating with others. I appreciate the ideas you are sharing and look forward to more conversation on incorporating blogging into our classrooms and schools. Thanks for sharing!