Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to...Wiki

I have recently begun to explore Wikis. Wikis are an easy to use web-tool which can be a great way for collaboration among students in the classroom.

What is a wiki? A wiki is a webpage (or pages) where people can collaborate and use to write, edit, and add different elements to the wiki. Think of it as one big work-space that everyone has access to and are allowed to input their ideas as well as edit or erase someone else’s.

Click here for "Wikis in plain English"

Although there are many options, the most common wiki sites for educators are:


Wikis can be used in a variety of ways. As educators, we traditionally work on our own when it comes to curriculum, class resources, etc. Although emails are an option, they can get a bit messy and hinder genuine collaboration. A wiki would allow for more efficient teamwork; it provides educators with a way to post and share information as well as to build on one another’s work. It also allows a way to keep the conversation going even after the project has ended. This idea can easily be applied to students.

Teachers have had great success with using wikis in the classroom. Supervising and fostering teamwork and collaboration becomes easy with a wiki by allowing students to easily work on their ideas with one another (from anywhere) and share them with the teacher. A big advantage of a wiki is the fact that the teacher can always go back and see what changes were made and by whom (previous versions of the wiki are automatically saved).

Here is a great resource with over 50 different ways one can use a wiki in the classroom. Teachers are using wikis all over the world; the opportunities are truly endless. How do you use Wikis in your classroom?

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