Sunday, April 21, 2013


As I write these words, the excitement I felt hours ago is still here!


Those three letters basically sum up what took place today at Yavneh Academy. The first, ever, JedcampNJNY (second Jedcamp ever!) began at 9am and what an event it was! (You just didn’t want it to end!)

From the get go, educators from all over began to pour in and the connections began.

I couldn’t keep up.

Everywhere you turned another new face was ready to connect (Wow!). The feeling of belonging and higher purpose permeated the air (Wow!). Everyone was there for one reason…How can we become better at doing what we do best…Educate! (And all on a Sunday and at 9 am…BIG WOW!)

I was able to make so many connections with so many wonderful people. You didn’t even have to try. It literally went from, “Hi my name is…” to “let’s find time to schmooze sometime next week!” It was also great being able to finally meet (in person) my digital friends (there even more delightful then I could have ever imagined!).

Oh and the sessions, WOW!  You just wanted to attend every single one. So many great topics, it was like choosing between T-bone or Sirloin steak, it just wasn’t fair!

And the coolest thing about it was that I know I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. In fact, I would venture to say that practically everyone left that building with a sense of accomplishment and energy to continue. One hundred percent satisfaction; how many conferences do you know where everyone left happy ?!? POW WOW DOUBLE WOW!!!

That’s it for now! I needed to get it out before I forget. I definitely will follow up soon. 

But one last thing…

Now is the time to keep the energy going. As the event unfolded, people in other cities across the nation (world!?), announced plans for more Jedcamps. JedcampMD is tentatively set for July 7th, and JedcampLA (my home town baby!!) is getting the ball rolling. Soon we’ll start seeing our own Jedcamp wiki space with events lined up across the world. Don’t let the energy die down, let’s get to it!

Oh and one more thing….


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